Character Guide


Here is a guide to the characters and places in the story, with pronunciation help. Because there are many spoilers here, you have to click on one of the links below to enable content from that book.


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Abundio : uh-BOON-joe : Jun-Jun’s real name, and the name of his deceased father.

Alexander “Sasha” Topturov : TOPE-tour-ov : “Geo,” a man obsessed with ridding the planet of suffering by destroying all sentience.

Amita : uh-MEE-ta nog-a-RAH-jon : Math and computer science prodigy. Younger sister of Puneet.

Arnel : ar-NELL : Jun-Jun’s younger brother. Jun-Jun’s formulation of MNI-3 did not work on him.

Arnulfo : ar-NOOL-foe : Jun-Jun’s youngest brother. Used MNI-3 to learn martial arts.

Bohol : bo-HOLE : The Philippine island where Jun-Jun lives. This is a real place.

Carolyn Thomas : “Dr. Carol.” Neuroscientist/psychologist. Developer of truth-detecting brain scanning technology.

Cebu : seh-BOO : The island next to Bohol which has Cebu City, the second largest city in the Philippines.

Charlie Howard : Philanthropist and self-styled hacker who stole the formula for MNI-3 from Amita. Uses the nym “Steve.”

Del Grey : CIA analyst working on the Geo case.

Dodoy Po : DOE-doy poe : Stella Po’s husband.

Don-Don Baco : doan-doan BAH-co : Bodyguard of Gilberto Quimada. The one with the gold tooth.

Ed Pratt : Secret Service agent working on the Geo case.

Elia Cancilla : ELL-ee-a can-CHILL-a : Former grad school associate of Tino Dédalo who is building a Hall Weather Machine.

Elmo “Mo” Pindoy : moe pin-DOY : Friend of Jun-Jun. Helped Jun-Jun get his land back from Quimada.

Elpidio Medina : el-PEE-thee-oh may-THEE-nah : Panamanian youth who stows away on a ship carrying Geo’s attack weapon, TT2 (Tickle).

Geo. Individual or group trying to stop preparation efforts. In Book 2, we learn the force behind Geo is Alexander Topturov, a former associate of Tino Dédalo who is involved with distributing toxic materials to the public in an effort to disrupt preparations. Topturov is a survivor of the Chernobyl disaster, and he has health problems.

George Conrad : Langston’s father, computer scientist.

Gilberto Quimada : gill-BEAR-toe key-MA-da : corrupt lawyer who cheated Jun-Jun out of his land, and who secretly worked for a Hong Kong crime organization.

Gina Conrad : Langston’s sister, environmental activist.

Glenn Brown : Special Agent of the FBI specializing in cybercrime.

Gnomeasure : no measure : Amita’s anonymous handle that she uses to communicate with people who are using MNI-3.

Guo : GWO : Guo Tian Du. Deputy Master, then Dragon Master, of the Four Fists of Harmony.

Irene Johnson : Astrophysicist friend of Langston Conrad. Friend of Sam Ngco.

Jagna : HUG-nuh : Town nearest to Pahulayan. This is a real place.

Jun-Jun Lagahit : joon-joon la-GAH-heet : Philippine rice farmer. Jun-Jun is his nickname because he has the same name as his father, a common Filipino custom.

Kali : KAH-lee : Black hole which is approaching the Solar System.

Kate Acton : Primatologist, married to Langston.

kinaadman : keen-awe-ODD-mahn : Jun-Jun’s name for MNI-3, the cognitive enhancer.

Langston Conrad : Astrophysicist and nanotech enthusiast. Co-discoverer of Kali.

Luz : maried to Jun-Jun.

Maricel : MAR-ee-sell : Jun-Jun’s mother.

Matt Mendoza : Agent Brown’s FBI partner.

Melantho Peroff : mel-AN-tho PAIR-off : Accomplice of Topturov. Also known as “fnand.”

MNI : Em-en-eye (rhyme with Gemini) : Metaplastic Neural Inducer.

Pahulayan: Paw-who-LYE-yawn : Village where Jun-Jun lives. Not a real place.

Puneet Nagarajan : pooh-NEET nog-a-RAH-jon : Co-discoverer of Kali.

Radu Toma : RAH-doo TOME-a : Neuroscientist. Original developer of cognitive enhancement system MNI-3.

Rod Mathies : rod MATH-ease : Nanocom4 CIO.

Salvador Bitoon : SAL-va-dore bih-TOO-own : man who brought computers and MNI-3 to Jun-Jun.

Sam Ngco : sam [pre-nasalized breathy-voiced dental click]-o : Astrophysicist from Botswana who has been cognitively enhanced with MNI-3.

Stella Po : “Nurse” Po, a kind nurse who helped Jun-Jun get medical care for his daughter when she was dangerously ill.

Steve/Ben : Avatar which looks like Ben Franklin. Controlled by “Steve,” the nym used by a member of the group that gave the computers and MNI-3 to Jun-Jun.

Steven Ying : Mid-level deputy in the Four Fists of Harmony Hong Kong crime organization.

Tagbilaran : tog-bee-LAR-awn : Capital city of the island of Bohol. This is a real place.

Teresa Conrad : Langston’s mother, mathematician.

Tino Dédalo : TEE-no DEH-the-lo : Founder, along with wife Amalia, of Nanocom4, a nanotech startup developing the Tree of Life Architecture, a crowdsourced project to provide basic human needs after Kali.

Zero “Zed” Roundtree : Self-improving general AI researcher in the DOC Lab.